This Startup Is About To Change The Way You Buy Sex Products For Good

After breathing, sleeping and disguising accidental farts with an awkward cough, sex is probably the next most universal activity people around the world engage in on a daily basis. However, much like the unwanted flatulence, sexual intercourse can come with significant discomfort.

The road to the big O! does not start with a bed of roses (unless, of course, you're sleeping with Bon Jovi), rather boring "maintenance" stuff like getting protection, reducing friction, finding the optimal pose, etc.

Well, boys and girls and men and women, there's now a startup that strives to ease up all of your sex needs and make it more fun, smart and safe.


(Image: Maude)

'Sex is great, buying stuff for it isn't'

Started by three female entrepreneurs – Éva Goicochea, Dina Epstein and Maya Bodinger – Maude is a new online platform that offers sex essentials for modern consumers without, as they state, "ugly packaging, outdated purchasing, and WTF messaging."

Born from the idea that sex is great but buying stuff for it isn't, Maude aims to provide users with a seamless, de-stigmatized online shopping experience that will not only ensure protection but also enhance your sexual forages. Thus, Maude starter pack consists of condoms, wipes, lube and a vibrator.

All products are of high quality and FDA approved, and the vibrator was uniquely designed by a Maude team member herself! Ultimately, the founders say they want to offer a way of life rather than just a product.


Maude starter pack: vibrator, condoms, wipes and water-based lube (Image: Maude)


Maude condoms are high-quality and FDA approved (Image: Maude)

Sex is a universal experience

Although Goicochea, Epstein and Bodinger all come from different business backgrounds, they were united by the idea that sexual health and education are extremely important but not always accessible.

Many sex-related topics are still surrounded by stigmas, both in public and private arena: everything from family planning and sexually transmitted diseases to dirty talk and slutty lingerie is usually followed by a loud, hissing shhhhhh!.. This "puritanism" ends up causing more harm than good, which can be easily proven by the fact that STI cases soared up to an all-time high last year.

Maude says it's here to change, or at least battle, all that. By making sex essentials easily accessible, affordable and engaging, the company aims to change people's perception on what sex is and what it can be.


Maude will kick off with water-based lube but plans to include silicone-based lubricants in the future (Image: Maude)

Another way Maude sets itself apart is the unisex approach. Talking to co-founders Éva Goicochea and Maya Bodinger, both women mentioned they've been noticing how major brands like Durex, Trojan, Lifestyle, etc. only target niche audiences, usually split based on gender.

Maude's angle is different. "Sex is universal," Goicochea tells Konbini. "We wanted to create a brand that offers modern sex essentials to all people."

From its toned-down, minimalistic brand aesthetic (designed by none other than Pentagram alumnus Hamish Smyth), to variety in lube choices, Maude's end goal is catering to all individuals who have sex, no matter their age, gender or sexual orientation.


The vibrator was uniquely designed by the Maude team (Image: Maude)

But hey, let's not forget: three young women pushing sex stuff in an industry primarily dominated by men – that should make for some crazy stories, yeah?

Maude founders say the feedback so far was overwhelmingly positive. They believe that being women they bring a different kind of sensibility to the market, one that's also informed by male and queer counterparts to make it as uniformed as possible.

The service is set to launch this fall and will offer delivery in the continental U.S. for starters. Expansion to international markets as well as adding more product variety is in the plans too. Go explore Maude's website and stay in the loop through its Facebook!

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