This South African Freestyle Footballer Broke Theo Walcott’s Guinness World Record

In 2016, Theo Walcott set a Guinness World Record for controlling a ball dropped from a 111-feet crane. The record is now held by South African freestyle footballer, Khris Njokwana who recently surpassed Walcott's record at Johannesburg Stadium.

While Walcott’s ball was dropped from 34 metres (the equivalent of five two-storey houses), Njokwana set out to take the challenge to a whole new level by increasing the height to 37.4 metres. It’s hard to control a ball dropped from two or three metres high – but 37.4 metres? No wonder it took him three attempts to succeed.

Once it dropped from a crane, Njokwana managed to control the ball by keeping it off the ground within five touches – thereby earning himself the record for the highest altitude football dropped and controlled.

Speaking with Soccer Laduma, Njokwana said:

“I’m very proud of myself firstly and proud to be a South African. It was a hectic period trying to prepare for the feat as it was difficult to predict where and how the ball will drop.

To be number one in the world, and beating a world-renowned player of Theo Walcott’s stature, is a blessing in itself.”

Watch the moment below:

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