Simileoluwa Adebajo To Bring The First Nigerian Restaurant To San Francisco

It's a well-known fact that Nigerians reside in almost every country in the world, bringing our vibrant culture with us wherever we go. So, it's particularly shocking to find out that San Francisco — one of the world's most metropolitan cities — has gone without a Nigerian restaurant for so long.

Well, Simileoluwa Adebajo is the Silicon Valley retiree that is planning to change all that, as she's set to launch her dine-in restaurant, Eko Kitchen next month.

Last July, alongside her career as a financial analyst for the video platform, Twitch, Simileoluwa Adebajo decided to launch her pop-up restaurant, Eko Kitchen, bringing the taste of home she had sorely missed to the diverse population of San Francisco.

In the year that she was juggling her day job and her side hustle, Adebajo sold her delectable Nigerian cuisine through food delivery services, UberEats and Postmates, as well as multiple sold-out pop-up events. Finally, she is ready to fully dive into it.

Speaking with the San Francisco Chronicle about her leap of faith, Adebajo shared: 

"The truth is, I’m a good financial analyst. I can do a three-year projection for you right now and draw up charts and graphs and strategic recommendations, but I haven’t been happy. 

I was spending eight hours a day staring at a spreadsheet. I realized plating just one plate of food gave me more satisfaction than eight hours of being a financial analyst could ever give me."

Understandably, Nigerians in the Bay Area are incredibly excited and eager to support, as are the multitude of foodies who reside amongst celebrity chefs and Michelin star restaurants that characterise San Francisco.

We're rooting for this trailblazer, and we hope her viral tweet brings her all the customers she deserves.