More Than 50 Minority Nigerian Languages Could Become Extinct In A Few Years

As surprising as it sounds, there are over 500 languages that have been spoken in Nigeria, and at least nine of them are now extinct – with a lot more at risk of joining them.

Over a week ago, the president of the Linguistic Association of Nigeria (LAN), Prof. Chinyere Ohiri-Aniche, announced that more than 50 minority languages in Nigeria might become extinct in a few years – unless we actually do something about it.

You, realizing there are other languages besides yoruba, hausa and igbo:

(Source: GiPHY)

(Source: GiPHY)

Calling on the federal government to do something about this frightening statistic, Ohiri-Aniche said:

“Let me advise the FG on the need to reawaken the national language policy project which is [almost dead].

There is also an urgent need to establish language centres to prevent possible extinction of most minority languages in the country.”

Ohiri-Aniche stated that the establishment of these centres to teach local languages will help revive dying (and dead) languages. He also urged parents to always speak in their local dialects to their children.

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