Mike Tyson's Opening A 40-Acre Cannabis Resort In California

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has just made a large purchase in celebration of California's official status as a recreationally legal cannabis state.

The 51-year-old  entrepreneur and entertainer has officially entered the cannabis industry by purchasing a 40-acre plot of land in California City, Ca with the goal of opening a fully tricked out cannabis resort.

Tyson Ranch, as the property has unofficially been named, will feature a cultivation school with hands-on lessons revolving how to grow cannabis, taught by Tyson himself. 

Additionally, the property is planed to have a 20-acre section of land for climate-controlled marijuana cultivation, a hydro feed plant store, an extraction facility, an edibles factory and an amphitheater, complete with high-end retreat camping facilities and cabins for cannabis entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

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The facility reportedly has full support from California City Mayor Jennifer Wood, who was also photographed at the resort's announcement on Jan. 1.

The company formed to operate the facility has been dubbed called Tyson Holistics and they've even trademarked the term “Iron Mike Genetics” for use by Tyson Ranch.

An opening date for the resort has yet to be announced, but you can be sure Californians will be checking up on and patiently awaiting its development.