Michael B. Jordan To Adapt African Epic Fantasy, 'Black Leopard, Red Wolf'

Just yesterday, award-winning Jamaican author, Marlon James released his highly-anticipated epic fantasy novel, Black Leopard, Red Wolfand the book is apparently so good that it has already been snapped up by Hollywood. 

Well, it looks Michael B. Jordan is going from Black Panther to Black Leopard, Red Wolf, as he's set to adapt the novel for the big screen. 

Black Leopard, Red Wolf has been described by many as the African version of Game of Thrones. The tale is set in a fantastical African country, and it sees a slave trader hire several mercenaries to find a kidnapped boy. 

The first of a series called the Dark Star Trilogy, the book balances fantasy with plenty of sex, brutal violence, and what the author described as "decidedly adult themes", which will undoubtedly make for a fantastic movie. 

Marlon James will be the adaptation's executive producer, however, there's no news on whether Michael B. Jordan will be starring in the film as well.  Either way, we're excited about Jordan's involvement, and we are racing to get a copy of the book.

(Photo: Marlon James)

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