Mayowa Nicholas Was Denied A Visa To China & Missed Her Victoria's Secret Debut

Earlier this year, it was announced that the sweetheart of Nigerian fashion, Mayowa Nicholas, would be  one of the six black models to make their debut at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai. 

According to Vogue Spain, Mayowa Nicholas, Gigi Hadid and four other models couldn't make it to the show due to problems with their Chinese Visa. While we know why Gigi couldn't make it, there was no reason stated for Mayowa’s visa rejection. 

It was a very big deal that she was cast in the VS show, as it has one of the most rigorous casting systems in fashion history and would have been a huge step for Mayowa's career in fashion. Since she burst into the scene, she has stormed her way down many runways and her increasing popularity is justified. 

On sight, you immediately get the gist of why she is so sought after in the fashion world, and all the hype is justified. Of course, she is insanely beautiful even without one single drop of make up on her skin, her high cheekbones could probably slice an apple in half, with a smile that lights up the room. 

Mayowa was very excited about walking for Victoria's Secret as any model would be, and it is really unfortunate that she didn't get the opportunity. We know that we will continue to see her slaying editorials and runways – hopefully next year for Victoria's Secret's annual show, her green passport won't let her down! 

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