Here’s What Happened At The Inaugural #MarketMarch In Lagos

On this week's episode of Men Are Trash, we were given front row seats to the shit show and they definitely delivered a mind-blowing performance this time.

Over the weekend, women came together for a #MarketMarch, with the aim to end the normalised sexual harassment of women in markets. As a result, these women were met with more harassment, violence and abuse by – drumroll– men. 

Any Nigerian woman who has to visit any market often, is very aware of the harassment that takes place in them. Traders in large markets such as Balogun, Tejuosho, Mile 12 and more, are particularly more aggressive, and forcefully touch women as a way to bring them into their stores to patronise them. 

Earlier on in the year, Twitter user, Ozzy Etomi started up this conversation, which was followed by many women sharing their experiences in these markets. To take it a step further, there was a march held against this act of violence, given that this has gone on for so long without being addressed. 

Being called a 'market woman' in these parts is seen as an insult, but after this, it seems as though the real insult is to be called a market man. At this march, these brave women had water and stones thrown at them by market men, who formed their own march, chanting 'We must touch' and hurling insults at these women. 

In photos from the march, you can see how annoyed these men are that a woman would dare challenge their problematic behaviour. It is incredible that these men are so outraged by a woman choosing agency over her own body, and the entitlement is truly shocking. 

(Photo: Twitter/ Market March)

(Photo: Twitter/ Market March)

Much like it did in real life, this march then sparked further conversation on the Internet. However, this time, the 'educated and exposed' versions of these market men exercised their Twitter fingers, berating women for going into the market to march. They had a wide range of reasons that stem from the same sort of stupidity that causes this harassment in the first place, showing their shared lack of empathy and emotional intelligence. 

As you can see, we're living in a time when women are no longer interested in being passive about the oppression we face, and we've had enough. Women are tackling every single facet of the patriarchy, in order to make the world more bearable for everyone, as we know how toxic masculinity affects men too.

Initiatives such as this are very important, and we're glad to see so many of them being born out of women sharing common experiences. While verbal contributions to the conversation are super important, we must also ensure to take it a step further by giving our time, resources and finances in order to effect change in our society. Who knows, we might even gather enough male tears to drown the patriarchy! 

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