This Make-Up Artist Transforms Her Face Into Super Realistic Junk Food

Professional make-up artist Mimi Choi is an absolute master in the art of illusion – to the point where her works are actually kind of disturbing.

For her latest project, she has set about transforming her face into different kinds of junk food and the results are unbelievably realistic.

First recognised for her talents back in 2013, Mimi has had her masterpieces shared by various magazines and was even able to leave her former job as a pre-school teacher to concentrate on freaking us out with various make-up looks full-time.

Describing her inspiration for this latest series, the Canadian artist says:

"I had also created sushi-inspired looks before, I love food and I also love makeup so I figured, why not combine the two?

My favorite piece is the burger face at the moment, that was extremely fun to paint and I couldn't stop laughing at myself during the process. I even woke up my husband to see his reaction and it was hilarious."

Check out some of her tastiest art just below:

And for all you fast-food foes, check out some of Mimi's healthier options: