Study Reveals Lagos Is The Third Most Stressful City In The World

Living in Lagos is akin to living in a war zone, with constant traffic being the battleground and everyone is the enemy, and this is why it comes as no shock that Lagos is ranked as the third most stressful city in the world

A new study by Zipjet revealed the least stressful cities in the world. This study took some of the major stress-inducing factors into consideration, such as unemployment, debt levels, traffic, public transport, security, pollution and amount of sunlight the city has. Out of 150 cities, Lagos came in at 147, making it the third most stressful city in the world.  

CNN using Zipjet's data to rank the top 10 worst cities (Photo: CNN)

Between the scorching hot weather, chaotic traffic jams, and lack of electricity, residents in Lagos are usually under a lot of stress, and constant stress puts one’s health at risk.

If the mind and body are constantly on edge as a result of excessive stress, one may develop serious mental and physical health problems

It is an irony of sorts however that amongst all the chaos and potholes, the city of Lagos prides itself as the centre of excellence and commercial capital of Nigeria, and still attracts visitors in their hundreds daily. 

I guess given all of this, it would be fair to call Lagos a diamond in the rough- you know what they say about the devil you know! 

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