Lagos State Government To Introduce Traditional Sports In Schools

Two years ago, we wrote that local sports might become the new goldmine for Africa, given that some organisations and even African countries are making efforts to revive indigenous and cultural sports across the continent.

Starting with the promise of turning traditional Hausa boxing, dambe into a standard sport, Nigeria is currently witnessing the wave. This revolution is set to become even bigger in the country, following reports that the Lagos State government plans to introduce traditional sports in schools.

(Photo: Chris Onah/YouTube)

According to The Tide, the initiative is being led by the Lagos State Traditional Sports Association as part of their awareness campaign on the benefits of local sports. To achieve this objective, the association is looking to deploy local sports experts to train students in public and private schools across the state.

Speaking about what students stand to gain from taking part in local sports, the chairman of the association, Mrs Abiola Ogunbiyi said:

"This will groom the children to improve their mental alertness, speed, stamina and strength, while the spirit of team building will equally be improved on.

All these will play out in their academics when they begin to develop themselves on the sports as soon as they are introduced to them."

The association also plans to discover young talent in local sports and games like ayo, kokowa (local wrestling), abula and the likes, which we're sure in addition to the above listed benefits will also connect them to their country more. 

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