How Ike Nwala Became A Famous Comedian In Japan

Born in New York and raised in Washington, Nigerian-Amerian Ike Nwala moved to Japan at the age of 20 for a job with Goldman Sachs, but instead became an overnight celebrity to everyone's amazement. 

If you turn on the television in Japan, you're likely to see a black face from time to time. You'll mostly only see them on game shows, comedy shows and maybe even some commercials. It might not be commonplace to see them, but they are definitely out there. 

(Photo: Twitter/Vice)

Japan's racial climate isn't the most conducive environment for black people who live there, as was highlighted in documentary, Black In Tokyo. Regardless, Ike Nwala has managed to make himself a popular comedian and an integral part of Japanese pop culture. 

Nwala has risen above the only-funny-to-laugh-at ranks, and uses his IT and financial skills to his advantage. He does this on a program called Nakai-Kun no Manabu Switch, he puts his knowledge of IT and finance together with his linguistic tricks and comical faces to teach Japanese celebrities about Bitcoin. That's putting true millennial superpowers to good use right there! 

It's extremely difficult for anyone from the outside to make it in Japan – even harder in the entertainment industry, but Nwala managed to break that mould. 

Check out his interview with Vice about his experience being famous in Japan: 

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