Here's A Donald Trump Interview Archive So You Can Fact-Check Him

Donald Trump, the president-elect of the United States of America is due to take office in just two weeks (January 20) after a successful campaign fuelled on hate speech, spit and lies. Some of the things he has said are true,  but a lot of the words that exit his mouth are laced in careless lies. He even told more than 25 blatant lies in a single speech.

To prevent a growing web of lies invading our opinions and to help journalists shoot down his lies over the next four years that Trump is the 45th President, the nice people at the Internet Archive have made an online stockroom of all of his interviews.

Charting every single recorded interview from 2009 to present, the 520 hours of footage is searchable and comes with a supercut video editor so you can be your very own kind of cynical Cassetteboy.

(Photo: Konbini/Trump Greg Skidmore/Flickr)

(Photo: Konbini/Trump Greg Skidmore/Flickr)

According to a press release obtained by Motherboard, the collection of footage is “to provide assistance for those tracking Trump’s evolving statements on public policy issues.” Seeing as the president-elect has a knack for making one statement and completely refuting it later on, in the most contradictory of ways, the archive is going to curb those moments of despair while watching Trump interviews and speeches.

The businessman-come-politician is known for making controversial claims with only obscure evidence, if any, to back him up. Unfortunately for the archive and for anyone who wants to see Trump's demise, the president-elect revels in his hate for the truth.

While politicians before him – and on our turf – prefer to mask their hyperbolic statements, vagueness and lies by rejecting criticism, Trump openly accepts he has a total disregard for honesty. As New Yorker journalist David Remnick wrote during the election, “does not so much struggle with the truth as strangle it altogether.” In light of this, his lies aren't by any means more noble; he just proves that being honest about lying gets votes, like some alternate dimensional version of Stockholm syndrome. Post-truth politics isn't a new concept – it was Oxford Dictionaries’ '2016 international word of the year' – Trump is just more obvious about it.

Will an internet archive of his dishonest claims change that? Probably not, but it'll certainly be fun to make some supercuts out of his web of untruth.

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