God Is Now Gender-Neutral, According To The Church Of Sweden

God may be a man; could be a woman. But apparently, the Christian "father" may not even be human at all – but rather a concept envisioned by a misconception about our constellations.

The Church of Sweden has now decided that it will start using gender-neutral language when referring to their all supreme deity, in a bid to become "inclusive".

(Image: Samantha Sophia via Pixabay/Unsplash)

The Scandinavian state church, headquartered in Uppsala, will urge all their priests, clerics and church personnel to refrain from using terms like "Lord" and "He" in favour of the less-specific "God".

It makes up one of several decisions taken by the national Evangelical Lutheran church to update their 31-year-old handbook which sets out how their services should be conducted. 

This includes the use of certain words, language, liturgy, hymns and other aspects.

A 250-person strong decision-making body confirmed the changes to the church, which has 6.1 million baptised members in a country of 10 million, after an eight-day meeting.

Archbishop Antje Jackelen, the third woman to become a bishop in the Church of Sweden, claims a similar move had already been discussed at a 1986 conference. She told Sweden's TT News:

"Theologically, for instance, we know that God is beyond our gender determinations, God is not human,"

But the decision has attracted some criticism and scepticism from others.

Christer Pahlmblad, an associate theology professor, told Denmark's Kristeligt Dagblad that the move was "undermining the doctrine of the Trinity and the community with the other Christian churches".

"It really isn't smart if the Church of Sweden becomes known as a church that does not respect common theology heritage," he said.

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