A French Company Is Bringing Bicycle-Sharing To Lagos

A wise person once said, people enter Nigeria with money and come back with experience. I'll explain. The Nigerian market, the Nigerian people, are special. Not to mention that our educational, logistics, technology and pretty much every other infrastructure is underdeveloped, so if you're trying to introduce new products to us, you better be careful.

Smoove, a French bikes-sharing company, has sent out a press release announcing that they're bringing bicycle-sharing to Lagos after they've successfully deployed the same in Marrakech, Morocco. According to Smoove, their bicycle-sharing solution is complementary to the existing public transport service (lmao) and provides a 24-hour-a-day way for people to get around - and it's cheap and sustainable for the environment.

(Photo: Smoove)

Smoove won a bid to set up a 200-bike share project in Lagos this year, because Nigeria (apparently) wants to become a green city. Smoove has already found success in Morocco, and Tunis and Abidjan are already indicating interest in the company launching in their markets.

Sounds great, in theory. But I think it begs the question of if anyone from Smoove has actually been to Nigeria - and if the person who awarded the bid to them lives in Nigeria.

No Nigerian is trying to bike on the road for anything other than a casual ride. And if you're in Lagos, multiply that unwillingness by ten because nobody is trying to die. Yes, I can authoritatively say that because I live here, and poor road infrastructure, certifiable drivers and the hottest weather (doesn't matter what Google says) are actual concerns we still have; and they also happen to be the hindrances to us living our best life and doing things like biking to work.

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Tech and politics. Is there even a difference between the two?