Here Are All The Food Trends You Can Expect In 2018

After a year filled with glow-in-the-dark doughnuts and penis-shaped snacks, we're about to get a whole new round of wacky food trends. Yup, you can wave goodbye to your basic avocado toast, because Instagram food porn is gearing up for some major new inspiration. Check out the food trends that will be engaging your eyes and your belly in 2018 just below.

Alcohol-based ice cream

Since we're always up for a childhood pleasure getting an adult twist, alcoholic ice cream gets a big yes from us. Even cooler than a cocktail, these chilly treats look set to take off in summer 2018. 

Filipino cuisine 

Still relatively unknown across Nigeria, food from the Philippines looks set to have its moment next year. Our eyes will be peeled for delicious-sounding dishes like chicken adobo and bulalo stew winging their way to our shores. 


According to Whole Foods, the flowers and petals we are so used to seeing on Instagram aren't going anywhere next year. Get ready to see rose-topped desserts and lavender lattes aplenty. 

Bubble waffles

Another Hong Kong import, bubble waffles are a kind of waffle/ice cream/cookie hybrid with plenty of sugary toppings to boot. Watch your back, cronuts.

More fusion food

This year saw the fusion game really start to get out of hand (we're looking at you, taco-sushi). But it's not over, folks, because 2018 looks ready to merge more reluctant cuisines. First up: sushi croissants. Don't say we didn't warn you.

3D-printed food

Thanks to ever-advancing technology, we'll soon be able to print absolutely symmetrical dishes for that ultimate Instagram shot. Able to alter everything from shape to nutritional value, 3D printers are set to touch down in restaurants across the world for robotic perfection. 

Vegan food

While eating out for vegetarians and vegans alike has become much more interesting in recent years (let's face it, there's only so much risotto you can eat), plant-based food is still on the rise. Get ready for more beet burgers and nut-based sauces to hit menus in the future.


The pawpaw, a fruit from the Americas, is about to take over from the avocado as the white people's latest obsession. Expect to find its bright yellow flesh in muffins, smoothies and cocktails soon enough.