Floyd Ayité Becomes The Second Togolese Player To Score In The Premier League

Togo is one of the African countries with the least number of players in the Premier League, which explains why it’s rare to hear about the country in the competition. Last weekend, Floyd Ayité made the country proud when he became the second Togolese player to score in the Premier League.

Ayité achieved the record after coming on as a substitute in Fulham’s game against Leicester City on Saturday. It took him just six minutes to score the goal, bringing back memories of Emmanuel Adebayor, who is the first Togolese player to score in the tournament.

Although Fulham lost the game, the 30-year-old's performance shows he could help the club hold on to a shred of dignity as they take a fall from the Premier League into the second-highest division of the English football league, the EFL Championship.

However, there’s no telling if that will ever happen if he isn’t given enough playtime.

(Photo: Hammersmith & Fulham)

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