'Life At The Bay' Tells The Survival Stories Of The Women At Tarkwa Bay

Tarkwa Bay, an island situated opposite the new Eko Atlantic, is, to most people, a place where they can sufficiently relax and take well-deserved vacations, free from the hustle of the actual Lagos.

However, Nigerians know that the gloss in our cities is a poor cover for the poverty that most of the populace experience. Life at the Bay, a new documentary from filmmaker, Nora Awolowo and producer, Kiki Mordi, highlights, in particular, the lives of the women who live in Tarkwa Bay.

The documentary shifts the focus away from Tarkwa Bay's beaches and fancy huts to its villages, where all the true stories are, and it tells it in a way that prevents and actively fights against the erasure of these stories. It highlights the reality that for the women on the island, it's a race for survival

Speaking to The Native Mag, producer Kiki Mordi said:

"We decided to document the stories of the women who live in probably the poorest island in Lagos. If you look hard enough you’d see that they carry the burden of the island.

We spoke to a lady training her 9 kids by being a fisherwoman but we never hear these stories. So it was important that we told it. We just had to. So these women won’t be erased."

Watch Life at the Bay below:

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