7 Instagram Accounts Showcasing The Beauty Of Nigeria

Isn't it strange how you can live in a country and know very little about it? Especially when you live in a cosmopolitan city like Lagos which 'has everything', you rarely ever have to travel to other states.

Luckily, we live in the digital age where everything you need is one click away, and to experience another culture, all you need to do is search a hashtag on Instagram and be transported.

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In total contrast to the way we percieve Nigeria as a whole, the country is teeming with beautiful spots and places that are usually overlooked by all the traffic (honestly is there someone we can talk about the state of traffic?), bad roads etc.

Nigeria's beauty is not in Lagos alone, and we are glad to have some accounts on Instagram that are curating this beauty for us. 

Check out some of our faves here: 

Enefa A

Living in Port Harcourt, this photographer captures the city's essence in its beautiful simplicity.

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Lagos Views

This account curates beautiful shots from all over the city. From the signature coast to sky scrapers, Lagos Views will definitely make an outsider jealous of not living in the buzzing city! 

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Characterised by it's beautiful mountains, this account definitely shows the serene vibe of Abuja through the photos they post. 

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Historical Nigeria

This account shows us Nigeria from before we knew it! Here is a stunning picture of a ferry in Onitsha before the Onitsha-Asaba bridge was built. 

Alabi Isama 

This photographer doesn't sit still, and by virtue of this gets the best pictures of everyday people from all over the country. Here is a captivating picture of young girls in Niger State.

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Unravelling Nigeria

We rarely see pictures of villages and rural settings taken without an agenda, so this one of Ekiti was a pleasant surprise! 

Tour Nigeria

We have elephants in Nigeria!? There we were thinking we'd have to go all the way to Thailand to see one!

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