Alex Iwobi Is Now The Most Valuable Nigerian Football Player In The World

Thanks to CIES Observatory, we’ve stepped into the new year with new insights on the transfer values of footballers in Europe. And, according to the latest stats, Alex Iwobi has replaced Wilfred Ndidi as the most valuable Nigerian player in the world.

The research group estimates that Iwobi is worth €55.2 million (over 23 billion naira), while Ndidi is worth €55 million. This means that Iwobi’s estimated transfer value appreciated by €24.8 million in a space of one year.

If you don’t agree with this, you also have CAF to contend with for ranking him as the sixth best player in Africa on an initially released 10-man list that has no other Nigerian on it. So, by that position on the continent, he’s unarguably the best in Nigeria.

In any case, we may not be seeing this figure come to light anytime soon, as Iwobi is not expected to leave Arsenal until 2022. But it feels really good to see the 22-year-old come this far in a club he has greatly admired since childhood.

You can see the transfer values of the first 100 players here.

(Photo: CIES Observatory)

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