10 Fashion Brands That Will Literally Make Your Instagram Feed Pop

Do you sometimes scroll through your instagram feed and wish it looked a bit more curated… or maybe, cooler? We mean, besides the memes, funny videos and endless selfies, do you long for content that’s alternative and ‘artsy’ in some way?

Well, we hear you -and we happen to know more than a few seriously cool fashion brands that share awesome content, consistently. We suggest you start taking notes.

Loza Maleombho

Loza Maleombho may have gotten into the business of making clothes, but right now, she’s also recognized as an artist. Her feed is a compendium of her famous selfie series ‘#AlienEdits’, brand inspiration, and pieces from her eponymous fashion label.


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Meaning ‘magic’ in Swahili, Uchawi is a congolese brand, curated by Laëtitia Kandolo. She obviously has a thing for architecture and pastels, and also happens to caption in french, by the way. 


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This account is the virtual showroom for dope, bold jewellery created by Mary Katherine Pichulik. Since the brand also does collaborations frequently, you’ll find a whole lot more than just jewellery… like hand-loomed fabrics made into kimonos, or raffia clutches, for example.


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Founded by supermodel, Liya Kebede, and rooted in Ethiopia, LemLem is a brand set up to help women artisans thrive. It’s also the quintessence of a typical summer wardrobe, and offers everything from handwoven scarves to crochet bikinis.


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Lrnce is a Marrakech-based Belgian design label influenced by cults and tribes, and run by the designer, Laurence Leenaert. Inspired by the skilled people of Marrakech, Laurence creates products that explore the city’s artisanal techniques, such as weaving and fabric-dyeing. These usually range from bags to kimonos, carpets to blankets, and hand-painted pottery.

Henriette Botha

Henriette’s jewellery might be minimalistic, but the way she photographs them definitely isn’t. The brand is 100% handmade in Johannesburg, South Africa, and takes a new and modern approach to traditional craft.


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Rumor has it that Akosua, the designer and founder of AAKS, runs the instagram account herself. Considering that she literally manages this brand that is produced locally in Ghana, shipped to over 8 countries, and has been growing exponentially since it launched about two years ago, that is kind of a. big. deal. So please, show some love and support.


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Recho Omndi is one designer who is known for being rebellious. Since her debut, she has refused to show at fashion week, no longer follows the seasonal calendar, and has -for the past 3 years- only put out one collection each year.  But don’t get it twisted, whatever she IS doing, seems to be working, and judging from what we see on instagram, we have enough proof.

William Okpo

Run by two Nigerian sister, Lizzy and Darlene, William Okpo is the epitome of awesomeness. Everything from their editorials to their gifs, videos and inspiration images is worth double-tapping.

Osei Duro

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Michelle Obama has worn Osei Duro before. That’s all the cred they need. Go follow.

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