These 10 Designers Flaunted Their Creative Prowess On Day 2 Of LFW 2018

After the exciting showcase of bold designs we witnessed on day one of Lagos Fashion Week 2018, our expectations were set high for day two. Well, like the designers from the previous day, the brands that took to the catwalk managed to surpass our expectations in a grand way.

Throughout the evening, each brand displayed opulent, impressive designs, making use of an assortment of materials, from feathers to sea shells. Working with bold colours and and vivacious fabrics, Nigerian designers once again displayed their striking talent.

Whilst we applaud all the designers who showcased collections that we couldn't keep our eyes off, these 10 brands in particular arrested us immediately, with their artistic designs, which saw them flaunting some major creative prowess. 


Using a strictly white canvas, Faith Oluwajimi, the creative director of Bloke, brought excitement and depth into his plain and clinical collection, through avant-garde cuts and audacious blending of fabrics. The collection was given even more depth, as the designer printed a tshirt of an emotive poem, written by Verse Writer. 

(Photo: Kola Oshalusi/Insigna)


Combining Western motifs with traditional Nigerian styling techniques, Denike showcased a comprehensive collection consisting of both simple and dramatic designs. The rigidity of aso oke and ankara fabrics were used to contrast the flowing waves of the silk bases, creating pieces that stood out amongst the rest.

(Photo: Kola Oshalusi/Insigna)

House of Kaya

This simple and modest collection from House of Kaya embodied beauty and power, with their use of rich, deep colours, and vibrant designs. Using lightweight fabrics, this collection looks extremely comfortable, featuring a number of wardrobe must-haves. 

(Photo: Kola Oshalusi/Insigna)


This was definitely the most electrifying collection of the evening, with models in blazing contrast colours strutting the runway beside sequin and mesh asymmetrical pieces. In theory the combinations might seem ludicrous, but DZYN's designs highlighted the beauty of being adventurous.

(Photo: Kola Oshalusi/Insigna)


Awestruck by the elegance in each and every piece, our eyes were peeled to the runway, as we ardently followed the models strutting in Moofa's opulent and stylish outfits. Another daring collection of formal womenswear, there is a certainly a piece for every woman. 

(Photo: Kola Oshalusi/Insigna)

Ugo Monye

Ugo Monye was one of the five designers that we were most excited to see, wondering in what new and imaginative way he would reimagine the buba and shokoto. Complete with face painted models, tall wooden staffs, and an instrumental interlude, Ugo Monye's theatrical show of innovative designs did not disappoint.

(Photo: Kola Oshalusi/Insigna)

Black Coffee

Black Coffee's collection, where geometric patterns adorned the garments, was both elegant and fun. The brand produced both classic and contemporary designs, offering an array of intriguing occasion wear choices for any woman looking to make a statement.

(Photo: Kola Oshalusi/Insigna)


Another brand which we were greatly anticipating, this Sisiano collection, presented by Mitsubishi, featured bold designs and powerful colours. Sisiano's dance background is evident, as usual, with bouncy ruffles and skipping tassels making a standout feature in the collection.

(Photo: Kola Oshalusi/Insigna)

Sunny Rose 

In this opulent collection, Sunny Rose did not shy away from experimenting with different materials and fabrics, combining feather fringes with peacock print. The masterful collection featured ankara pieces emblazoned with diamante studs, adding a razzle-dazzle mood to the gentle elegance of the silk and feathery pieces that made up other aspects of the collection. 

(Photo: Kola Oshalusi/Insigna)

Lisa Folawiyo

As the most distinguished brand to show that evening, Lisa Folawiyo's grand finale was unquestionably the most anticipated show of the evening. For this Spring/Summer collection, Lisa Folawiyo goes in a brighter direction, still retaining the print-mania that is characteristic of her esteemed brand.

(Photo: Kola Oshalusi/Insigna)