These Dreamy Portraits Are An Ode To Youth In All Its Diversity

Sugary, rich and ethereal, the work of Miami-based photographer Gabriela Mendez is nothing short of stunning. Featuring contrasting colours and captivating glances, her photos are redefining our notion of what a portrait should be. 

Currently on the rise thanks to her series featuring model Teena Selvam, the artist uses tinted liquids and natural elements, such as butterflies or flowers, to create an overall soothing effect. 

But while there's a lot going on, the photographer still manages to keep all focus on her models' expressions while splashes of colour create perfect harmony with the golden hued light. Just 18 years old when she took the shots, there's also a distinct youthful vibe shining through her work. 

Capturing a sunny, floral universe, Mendez celebrates the diversity of her young models with one of the most enchanting sets of photos we've seen in a while. Check out some of her most eye-catching work below: