Tech, Tradition And Swimming Dogs: Winning Portraits From Sony’s World Photo Awards

Sony has unveiled the winners of their 2018 World Photography Awards, which their judges describe as a "truly international" affair boasting a huge diversity of genres, topics and French bulldogs.

The 63 national award and ten open category winners were carefully selected from a 'record-breaking 320,000' entries, taken by photographers across nearly 70 countries - with images coming from China, Australia, Argentina, Cambodia, Kenya, Saudi Arabia and beyond.

"Emile". UK, Open Portraiture and National Award Winner (Photo: Nick Dolding via Sony World Photography Awards)

"In choosing the winners, the images all had to have something special," writes Zelda Cheatle, Chair of Judges, Open, Youth & National Awards:

"Whether it be composition, impact, skill, a portrayal of a unique event or informing in a new way. But above all else, each winner had to be an exceptional photograph."

Open Portraiture and UK National Award Winner Nick Dolding took his extraordinary portrait of Emile in London when he was commissioned to shoot stills for PayPal.

"The campaign took its inspiration from Wes Anderson's, The Royal Tenenbaums," he explains, "Emile's styling was so fantastic I couldn't resist shooting a portrait of him. I wanted to retain the humour but have him looking aloof and hoity."

Australia, Winner, National Award (Photo: Chris Round via Sony World Photography Awards

Chris Round, from Australia, captures the Blowering Reservoir intake tower in the early morning light. It forms part of an on-going project on the Snowy Hydro Scheme and the Snowy Mountains region in New South Wales.

"It's an exploration of the balance between nature and man’s intervention upon it - vast structures amongst epic landscapes, re-shaped waterways and newly created ones," he explains.

Saudi Arabian photographer Nather AlAsyf's striking portrait shows a Kargily girl from Ladakh-Kashmir carrying bread for her family at early morning.

"Bread Carrier". Saudi Arabia, 1st Place, National Awards (Photo: Nather AlAsyf via Sony World Photography Awards)

Chin Bong Leng, from Singapore, waited patiently along the mountain slopes in Xin Jiang, Khara Jun grassland, for horses to gallop into frame during sunset.

"One Way Forward". Singapore, 1st Place, National Award (Photo: Chin Bong Leng via Sony World Photography Awards)

Vietnamese photographer Thu Huynh captures a young boy sat on the stairs, lit up by the screen of his iPad while wearing the Guy Fawkes mask now synonymous with online movement Annonymous.

"Children are becoming increasingly addicted to technology," she writes, "as more and more kids get sucked into a black hole of iPad games, losing interest in things like sports and reading, their parents are becoming increasingly concerned."

"Close Friend". Vietnam, 2nd Place, National Award (Photo: Thu Huynh via Sony World Photography Awards)

Richard Frishman took 1st place in the United States of America National Award for "Sunday Buffet at Jerry Mikeska's Bar-BQ", which depicts the curious juxtaposition of food to prey.

Jerry opened his restaurant in the small town of Columbus, Texas in 1956, following the tradition of his father and brothers. More than 200 taxidermied mounts decorate the walls, but the buffet steam table just comes out on Sunday.

"Sunday Buffet at Jerry Mikeska's Bar-BQ". United States, 1st Place, National Awards (Photo: Richard Frishman via Sony World Photography Awards)

Thai photographer Thanasorn Janekanki, shortlisted for the Open Street Photography award, took their snapshot of an old Western lady swimming with her dog in the southern part of Thailand.

Thailand, 2nd Place, National Award (Photo: Thanasorn Janekankit via Sony World Photography Awards

Kyaw Win Hlaing's eruptive landscape was taken in Myanmar at Mount Bromo, an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia. Its name derives from the Javanese pronunciation of Brahma, the Hindu creator god.

"Beauty of Mount Bromo". Myanmar, 2nd place, National Award (Photo: Kyaw Win Hlaing via Sony World Photography Awards

Don Ferdinand Tabbun, from the Philippines, explores the Al Dhafra Camel and Heritage Festival in the west of Abu Dhabi – an annual event celebrating the rich culture and tradition of the region.

"Challenge". Philippines, 1st Place, National Awards (Photo: Don Ferdinand Tabbun via Sony World Photography Awards)

Japan's Junya Suzuki captures the fire and fury at Dondo-Yaki – a festival held in various regions across Japan just after the New Year holidays are over.

"Dondo-Yaki". 2nd Place, Japan National Award (Photo: Junya Suzuki via Sony World Photography Awards)

All the winning works will be published in the Sony World Photography Awards book and shown at the exhibition in London from April 20 to May 6.

"Gerard, FAROS". France, Winner, National Award (Photo: Marie Moroni via Sony World Photography Awards)

"Matterhorn Sunrise" Slovakia, 1st Place, National Awards (Photo: Erika Valkovicova via Sony World Photography Awards)

"Under Under". Winner, Philippines National Award (Photo: Gaps Sabuero via Sony World Photography Awards)

"American Crocodile" Taiwan, 1st Place, National Awards (Photo: Lynn Wu via Sony World Photography Awards)

"The Last Train". Bangladesh, 2nd Place, National Award (Photo: Md Enamul Kabir via Sony World Photography Awards)

"Paisaje Urbano #43" Argentina, Winner, National Award (Photo: Marcelo Cugliari via Sony World Photography Awards)

"Working in the wind and snow". China Mainland, 3rd Place, National Award (Photo: Jianguang Zhou via Sony World Photography Award)

"Lina". Norway, Winner, National Award (Photo: Tina Signesdottir Hult via Sony World Photography Awards)

United States, 2nd place, National Award (Photo: Wenjie Qiao via Sony World Photography Awards)

"Nothing goes to waste". Chile, Winner, National Award (Photo: Eduardo Minte via Sony World Photography Awards)

"Wunnie". Ireland, 1st Place, National Award (Photo: Kenneth O Halloran via Sony World Photography Awards)

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