After A Successful Show In Berlin, 'Finding Home' The Play Comes To Lagos

Spoken word, theatre and music all merge, as a world-class ensemble of performance poets travel from Lagos to Berlin and back with the play, Finding Home

The play premiered in Berlin this October, and is now coming to Lagos this December 9 and 10. The story follows a group of desperate youth who brave the Libyan desert in an attempt to make it into Europe only to become victims of collateral damage.

(Photo: Creative Africa)

Finding Home is a breathtaking journey of identity, displacement, migration, loss and triumph. It covers stories from patriots going back home to rebuild, women fleeing from abusive marriages to refugees trying to find comfort in a new city and more. The cast – Titilope Sonuga, Efe Paul Azino, Chika Jones, Ndukwe Onuoha, Obi Ifejika, Adeosola Fakile and others– deliver a compelling narrative that conflates personal life with the current political climate. 

You can get your tickets right here for the upcoming show! It sounds super interesting, and we're definitely excited to see this one! 

(Photo: Creative Africa)

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