Artist Turns Nigerian Goddesses Into Stunning Pop Art

Rewa is a talented London-based artist, whose pop art series, The Pantheon, showcases beauiful and powerful female deities from the tribes of Nigeria and brings them into present day by infusing popular culture.

From Mawu, the moon Goddess of Benin to Ani, the Igbo goddess of the earth – Umunna's colourful pieces, done entirely with watercolours and ink, are all stunning and visually striking.


Olokun: Yoruba goddess of the sea (Photo: Rewa)


Oya. Tempestuous Yoruba goddess of the sea (Photo: Rewa)

On her website, Rewa said about the series:

"There is no more powerful female entity than a Goddess and there is no continent more magical than Africa.

These pieces are about aura perception; each deity radiates her own ruling and power. 

Someone once told me that when they look at my women, they imagine that this is how God sees the world."

You can check out more of Rewa Umunna's work on her website and her Instagram.


Osun: Yoruba goddess of beauty and fertility (Photo: Rewa)


Oba: Orisha of domesticity and marriage (Photo: Rewa)


Agbala: Igbo prophesying oracle (Photo: Rewa)


Ani: Igbo goddess of the earth (Photo: Rewa)

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