Frank Kokoroko's Photographs Focus On Millennial Culture In West Africa

The Lagos Photo Festival is the first and only international arts festival of photography in Nigeria, and we at Konbini will be profiling amazing photographers set to exhibit at the festival – which runs from November 24 to December 15, 2017.

With a keen interest in documenting the ever-evolving culture and everyday life around Africa, Frank Kokoroko's work makes for stunning pictures that catch your attention immediately. 

Presently living in Accra, his work spans across different West African cultures, and he is bringing his talents to Nigeria for Lagos Photo Festival 2017.

With an educational background in Computer Science, he discovered photography when he was in school and his love for the the art form never faded. Now an accomplished photojournalist in Accra, Francis works on documenting Ghana’s culture and social progression. His work mainly captures daily life in Accra and focuses on the growing culture of creatives and how they disrupt the status quo. 

He is essentially a storyteller, sharing his view of life in Ghana like he has done in photo series such as Ghana's Millennial Avant Garde, Everyday Ghana and Ghana: Faith & Prayer.

Speaking to Asheshi about the inspiration behind his work, Francis said: 

"I enjoy shooting everyday life on the continent and also exploring cultures and social issues. I am drawn to these issues because I believe there is a backlog of stories on culture and social progression that has to be documented.

I enjoy stories that are progressive and insightful. For me, these stories present vital information on what is possible and looking beyond present limitations."

We are excited to see his work at Lagos Photo Festival 2017, but until then, here are some of his stunning images: 

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