Here Are 10 Events At 'Social Media Week Lagos 2017' We Are Incredibly Hyped For

The fifth edition of Social Media Week Lagos will kick off in a week, running from Monday, February 27, to Friday, March 3 – and we are incredibly excited (and not just because we're one of their proud content partners).

For those of you who've never attended, Social Media Week Lagos is a 5-day conference that provides ideas, trends, insights and inspiration to help people and businesses understand how to achieve more in our hyperconnected world – it's basically a week-long think tank, and it's the only event of its kind in Africa.

You, rightly wondering why you've never attended Social Media Week before:

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This year, like all the others, there are a ton of exciting events to choose from, and since we know no one can attend all of them – as much as you might want to – we decided to make a list of 10 events that we at Konbini have deemed 'unmissable':

How Live Video Can Transform African Storytelling

Live video is rapidly changing the journalistic storytelling landscape through social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

CNN Africa’s Stephanie Busari will host a panel with digital influencers from around the continent to discuss the impact of video and how it can be used to create dynamic storytelling.

How Live Video Can Transform African Storytelling will hold on February 27 from 12m to 1pm.

(Photo: CNN Africa)

Stephanie Busari (Photo: CNN Africa)

Inspiring Nigerian Millenials With Pop Culture

Not to get left out of all the fun, we at Konbini will be using our expertise at crafting highly engaging and socially shareable stories, to host a panel on how pop culture can be a veritable tool for inspiring Nigerian millenials.

Inspiring Nigerian Millenials With Pop Culture will hold on February 28 from 4:30pm to 6pm.

(Photo: Konbini)

(Photo: Konbini)

You Don't Need Permission: Stories of How We Got Started

NESCAFE, in partnership with Konbini, has been at the heart of telling inspiring stories in Africa through their Get Started platform and they continue that effort with You Don’t Need Permission.

The panel session will be exploring the evolution of communication in Africa, and how the new authorities across different genres aren’t waiting for validation to achieve their dreams.

You Don't Need Permission will hold on February 28 from 9am to 10 am.


(Photo: NTDIL)

Afro-Beats To The World!

Thanks to globalization, streaming platforms and some mega-talents like Wizkid and Tiwa Savage, Nigerian music has started to take over the world.

This event will explore how social media has informed the decision of so many major US record labels to offer deals to Nigerian and African artistes – and how we can take advantage of this.

Afro-Beats To The World! will hold on March 1 from 9am  to 10am.

(Photo: Wizkid/Vevo)

(Photo: Wizkid/Vevo)

Hair We Go: Technology & The Natural Hair Movement

This event will celebrate Nigeria’s growing organic beauty industry with a panel discussion featuring top stakeholders, renowned bloggers, beauty product companies and beauty influencers.

Panelists will share their insights on ways to move the industry forward using technology as an effective tool.

Hair We Go will hold on March 1 from 3pm to 4pm.

(Source: GIPHY)

(Source: GIPHY)


This event is a mini art exhibition showcasing the work of several talented up-and-coming artists. Some of the art on display will be coffee-themed, showing how both entities seamlessly go together.

Attendees will be able to stroll in at any point during the exhibition's run time, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the art.

CofeeMeetsArt will hold on March 1 from 11am to 4:30pm.

(Source: GIPHY)

(Source: GIPHY)

Emoji Africa: Creating One Language For Africans

The president of Oxford Dictionaries, Caspar Grathwohl, said “emojis are becoming an increasingly rich form of communication, one that transcends linguistic borders" – and that's what Emoji Africa will be exploring.

The event is a talk aimed at investigating how emojis could be one of the future languages of Africa.

Emoji Africa will hold on March 1 from 12pm to 1pm.

(Source: GIPHY)

(Source: GIPHY)

Communicating Africa's Fashion Story

Modern media and communication tools – from Instagram to Whatsapp – are helping break barriers for African fashion and allowing it to reach regions previously unexposed to it.

In this segment, the panelists will look at all the ways in which the story of African fashion is being told.

Communicating Africa's Fashion Story will hold on March 2 from 3pm to 4pm.

(Photo: Maki Oh)

(Photo: Maki Oh)

Photography & Storytelling In A Mobile Era

This event is a 3-hour interactive workshop where attendees will learn about storytelling in a mobile era with renowned photographer, Imole “Tobbie” Balogun, of TCD Photography.

Photography & Storytelling in a Mobile Era will hold on March 3 from 9am to 12pm.

(Photo: TCD Photography)

(Photo: TCD Photography)

Nollywood...Digital Evolution

This event will have panelists from different facets of the Nigerian film industry discussing how to leverage technology & social media to grow and strengthen Nollywood.

Nollywood...Digital Evolution will hold on March 3 from 3pm to 4pm.


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