'Game Of Thrones' And 'Mean Girls' Merge In Genius Instagram Account

Have you ever thought to yourself: What if Game of Thrones was a sitcom or, perhaps, a teen comedy flick? Maybe not. But you should have because Instagram account @incorrectgotquotes is showing us what that world would be like – and it's seriously hilarious.

Three of four times a day, the Insta's creator Marysia tops up the page with screenshots of the HBO show stamped with improbable quotes from the big and small screen. As such, we see our favourite GoT characters reeling off quotes from Friends, The Office, Bob's Burgers and, best of all, Mean Girls

"I saw people making these kind of posts with other TV shows/films", Marysia explained to Mashable, "and since Game of Thrones is my favorite show I made my first edit without thinking too much about what I'm gonna do with it."

Luckily for us, she then decided to share her genius creations with the Instagram world from Jon Snow reciting lines from Pitch Perfect to Daenerys zinging "Boo you, whore." Basically, it's our favourite new form of entertainment as we wait for season eight to drop. 

Check out a selection of the best mash-ups just below.