Dorcas Magbadelo Is Beautifully Illustrating Black Women On Everything She Can

Till everyone gets the importance of representation – as a necessity and not a token – we will keep banging loudly on that drum by celebrating creatives who understand that the world is a lot more diverse than the mainstream media acknowledges.

The latest creative who seems to get it is the gifted 28-year-old British-Nigerian illustrator, Dorcas Magbadelo, who is using her art to celebrate and normalise the sight of everyday black girls by representing them on everything – from badges to cards.


Pin (Photo: Dorcas Creates)


Notebook set (Photo: Dorcas Creates)

Dorcas who started off drawing the beautiful black women she saw on the train, said during an interview with Gal-Dem, that she now has the desire to show the world the diversity that can be found amongst black women themselves:

“When I was growing up, there was always this feeling that you have to be a certain way to be black and especially now, there are so many people who didn’t have voices that now have a voice.

I just want to show the shy black girl, the black girl who is into indie rock, the black girl who is into hip hop, just everyone.”

Dorcas' biggest break came late last year when she was featured in the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide of Essence Magazine – widely considered to be the lifestyle bible for many black women – so she is clearly doing something right.

You can purchase Dorcas’ work from her Etsy store and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.


(Photo: Dorcas Creates)


(Photo: Dorcas Creates)

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