'Dispersed': A New Exhibition On Diaspora And Womanhood

An upcoming exhibition is bringing together Black British and Ghanaian female artists for a unique collaboration. The participating artists from the UK are members of the Black British Female Art Collective, a group of six women working to tell the stories of the black diaspora and increase the visibility of black women in British the art world. 

The project, Dispersed, is part of the Chale Wote Street Art Festival, an alternative festival celebrating art, music and performance in the streets of Accra. Inspired by this year's festival theme, Wata Mata, the artists will come together in a discussion of the symbolism of dispersal. 

The Chale Wote Festival, 2015 (Photo: Lisa Freiburg via Flickr)

Dispersed will explore the physical, spiritual and metaphysical connotations of dispersal in relation to water. And by extension, its relation to the dispersed nature of the diaspora, and its connection to womanhood.

The six participating artists will meet for the first time a week before the exhibition starts to share their experiences as female artists, and discuss their craft. They are Adelaide Damoah, Arlene Wandera, and Enam Gbewonyo from the BBFA and Dorothy Amenuke, Latifah Iddriss and Samira Saidi from Ghana.

Enam Gbewonyo, "Wings S2S1", Gouache, metallic paints on tissue paper (Photo: Enam Gbewonyo)

Arlene Wandera, "Centrepiece, Plinth", Gilded used pineapple tin, Sound (Photo: Sylvain Deleu)

Their conversations will probe the theme of dispersal, to generate ideas which will inform a collaborative artwork that will be produced over the days leading up to the final show. 

An artist talk on August 17 will follow on from the exhibition, chaired by BBFA artist Adelaide Damoah, exploring the question "Is there such a thing as a women's art perspective or is art just art?"

According to the organisers, audiences can expect an "experiential, immersive exhibition that provides a unique opportunity to experience multiple artistic approaches."

Samira Saidi, performance piece, "Body In The Centre" (Photo: Samira Saidi)

For the BBFA, the Chale Wote festival was the clear choice to host the exhibition, as it embodies the vibrancy of contemporary African art.

Gyankroma Akufo-Addo, director of the Creative Arts Council Ghana, noted that: “Ghana’s art scene is on the budding forefront in breaking into the international markets [...] Our artists are producing work that is innovative, fresh and cultural."

The Dispersed exhibition is running from August 16-22 at the Nubuke Foundation, Lome Close, East Legon, Accra, Ghana.

Dorothy Amenuke, "Inhabitation", Polyester cotton fabric, kapok, jute cords (Photo: Dorothy Amenuke)

(Photo: BBFA)

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