Damilola Onafuwa's 'Angels Among Men' Explores The Lives Of Nigerians With Albinism

According to The Albino Foundation, the rate of albinism in Nigeria is ranked amongst the highest in the world — with an estimated figure of over two million people. This makes them one of the largest vulnerable groups in the country today.

With his latest series, Angels Among Men, documentary photographer, Damilola Onafuwa — whose work is typically centered around social issues and other human interest stories — is exploring the lives of Nigerians with albinism. 

(Photo: Damilola Onafuwa)

(Photo: Damilola Onafuwa)

The series seeks to debunk the myths associated with albinism, as well as celebrate the Nigerians who have, in spite of the negativity associated with the colour of their skin, lived above it all and made a life for themselves.

Speaking about the series and its title, Damilola said:

"The title does not intend to fetishize or refer to people living with albinism as literal angels or as superior.

It rather refers to everyone who has chosen to rise and live above stereotypical judgments against people of a different race, colour or gender.

People who choose not to be limited by short-sighted and shallow standards of men, but treat all with a scale of equality."

The series is currently being exhibited at The WhiteSpace Lagos and will run until tomorrow, February 15.

(Photo: Damilola Onafuwa)

(Photo: Damilola Onafuwa)