Listen To Akwaeke Emezi Talk About Her Literary Journey

Fresh off her regional Commonwealth Prize win for her short story, “Who Is Like God”, Akwaeke Emezi was invited by the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation for an interview.

The Elizabeth Kostova Foundation for Creative Writing based in Sofia, Bulgaria, is a literary programme which offers current profiles of active writers of fiction and short stories. Each profile contains a very short biography, excerpt(s) and picture. Outlines, interviews and critical reviews are gradually being added.

(Photo: Akwaeke Emezi)

(Photo: Akwaeke Emezi)

In the interview that's almost eight minutes, Akwaeke talks about how she started writing at the age of five with the aid of the principal at her kindergarten. She also talks about wanting to be a veterinary doctor, and gives tips to writers who have a hard time penning down the stories that amass in their heads.

Listen to the interview here:

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