90-Year-Old Czech Woman Spends Time Creating Wondrous Ultramarine Murals

Meet Anezka Kasparkova, a 90-year-old artist who is fulfilling her passion for street art. Kasparkova, who hails from a small village in the south of the Czech Republic, proves it was never too late to live out her dream.

According to the internet sources, Kasparkova spent most of her life working and cultivating plants in the fields and caring for her family.

Once she retired, about 30 years ago, she turned her dreams of becoming an artist into a full-time reality. She began to take drawing lessons from an elderly artist in the country.

One of Kasparkova's most beautiful projects can be seen in the small village of Louka in the Czech Republic, where about 70 people live.

Kasparkova, who is known for only painting flowers and recurring motifs, used the houses in the village as her canvas. She made sure to highlight her vibrant blue flowers and designs against the simple white walls.

Kasparkova only works with ultramarine blue because of the impressive look.

"It’s a color that looks very expensive and makes a high quality impression. The paint can be kept for at least two years, or even more."

Regardless of her age, Kasparkova continues to wow people with her work, making sure to keep it detailed, refined and comprehensive, but still making it her own. Despite her overwhelming talents, Kasparkova is very modest about her work and told Youth-Time: "Oh, I am not an artist. I just do what I like."

(via Youth-Time)

(via Youth-Time)

The project of painting flowers in the village has taken up much of her time. Every summer she returns to the village to paint over anything that needs to be updated.

Kasparkova uses expensive paint to guarantee her work will stay on the building for a long time. The paint that she uses should hold up for two years, even with different kinds of weather exposure and the influence of the plaster on her work.

The work can be very tiring since most of it is done outside, yet Kasparkova doesn’t give up. The artist takes her work very seriously and is very patient and dedicated to her craft. Kasparkova even uses a ladder to decorate the highest parts of the walls, refusing to let her age get in her way.

Kasparkova's favorite building in the village is the chapel, which she updates on a regular basis.

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