Wizkid's 'Daddy Yo' To Feature In John Boyega's 'Pacific Rim' Sequel

British-Nigerian actor, John Boyega, has spent the holidays turning up to the fullest in Nigeria. While clearly enjoying the endless rocks Lagos has to offer during Christmas, the Star Wars actor also found time to promote his upcoming movie: the highly-anticipated Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Attending a special screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi at the IMAX Cinemas in Lekki, Boyega shared some of the ways he's imbued the Pacific Rim sequel with a Nigerian touch — including, but not limited to, Wizkid's "Daddy Yo" on the official soundtrack.

John Boyega, who not only led the sequel but produced it, said he ensured his character had a Nigerian background. He plays ex-Jaeger pilot, Jake Pentecost (son of Idris Elba’s character, the late Stacker Pentecost), who is given a chance to unite the world and prevent humanity’s extinction.

Speaking about the character's Nigerian background, Boyega said:

"I actually produced Pacific Rim and what that meant is that there were ways which I could cater the character towards much more of a Nigerian background.

I made him Nigerian and we went through a whole process in which we put moments that reflected his culture in the movie."

John Boyega in 'Pacific Rim: Uprising' (Photo: Legendary)

The actor, who attended Wizkid's concert the day before the special screening, also shared how he'd contacted the singer for the rights to add one of his songs to the movie — giving it even more of a Nigerian touch.

About getting Wizkid's "Daddy Yo" in the film, he continued:

"We contacted Wizkid and we were like 'we need to use one of your songs for a film', and so we got 'Daddy Yo' on the track of the film."

Pacific Rim: Uprising will make its debut on February 23.