Watch The Writers of 'Rick and Morty' At Work On Season 4

Following a series of negotiations which have had the animated series' numerous fans on tenterhooks, Season 4 of Rick and Morty has finally entered the production phase. It will form part of the 70 new episodes finally commissioned by the Adult Swim channel. After a Season 3 rich in utterly crazy storylines, the series has become even more popular. There were even riots at McDonald's restaurants when Szechuan sauce stocks were threatened, angering fans of the series. 

After all this emotion, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have let us know that they are back in the writer's room, posting a video to announce their return. The video is a making-of showing their work on the final episode of Season 3, "The Rickchurian Mortydate". It shows the two creators of Rick and Morty, as well as their team of screenwriters, brainstorming ideas and thinking out loud, in front of a huge board filled with the characters from the animated series and diagrams of all kinds. This process gave rise to an initial version which was eventually rejected. 

If you are interested in the way in which series are made, this short video will be really interesting for you. Nonetheless, we couldn't help but notice that the congenial writers' room is 100% male, with an overwhelming majority of white men aged between 40 and 50, who resemble one another as much as Rick, Morty and their clones. Hello geeks, it's 2018! We hope we won't have to wait to land in an alternate universe for the writers' room in coming seasons to be more diverse.