Watch 'Plaything' – The Best Animated Nigerian Film We've Ever Seen

Anthill Studios, a 3D animation and post production studio, has been having a really great month.

After releasing Niyi Akinmolayan's exceptional short film, Room 315, just four days ago, they are back with a beautifully animated short film, Plaything: a much shorter, more violent Toy Story.


Plaything (Photo: Anthill Studios)

Written and directed by Eri Umusu and Nurdin Momodu with a stellar score by Ava Momoh, Plaything, follows Ayodeji, a young boy whose boring afternoon takes a thrilling turn when he discovers his toys can do much more than just lie around in a pile.

The 3-minute short film is not only fantastic in its animation, but absolutely engaging in every aspect of its storytelling. Plaything really has us excited for the future of this medium in Nigerian filmmaking.

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