Watch The Trailer For Uche Aguh's Psychological Thriller, 'The House Invictus'

Doctor-turned-director, Uche Aguh is one of the most exciting young Nigerian filmmakers working today. From his short film, I Still Do, to his vibrant concept trailer for The Beautiful Ones Are All Mad, Aguh continues to show serious promise. 

Now, he is back with the beautifully-shot and interestingly vague trailer for his upcoming psychological thriller, The House Invictus the debut feature film he decided to make instead of The Beautiful Ones Are All Mad.

The House Invictus (Photo: 55Media)

Written and directed by Aguh, The House Invictus examines "the shared history of black folk in America, both modern and past. Blood, chaos, upheaval, sex and religion, and its cultural fallout blended with the psychology of race, masculinity and the power of brotherhood."

Speaking with Konbini about the film he intended to make and the one he ended up making, Aguh said:

"I finally filmed that feature film I've been dreaming of, only, it was different than the one I originally intended to do first: The Beautiful Ones Are All Mad. I went for something a bit more spicy and controversial."

The House Invictus is led by Jarius Sowells, Vincent Ramirez and Kayode Akinyemi; three up-and-coming actors Aguh promises we'll "all be hearing about a lot, very soon".  No official release date has been announced, but we are definitely excited for this one. 

Watch the gripping trailer for The House Invictus below: