Watch Ms Vee & Yemi Alade's Lively Video For 'Come And See My Moda'

A few short months ago, we questioned why there were so few female collaborations in the music scene here, and all of a sudden we got a flood of female collabs!

We got "The Way You Are" by Tiwa Savage & D'ija, "I'm Available" by Waje & Yemi Alade, and now we have another, "Come And See My Moda" by Ms Vee ft Yemi Alade! 

(Photo: YouTube/Ms Vee)

10 years ago, Beyoncé released "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)", which served as a lifestyle and an affirmation, telling these boys they don't get anything until they put a ring on it. Ms Vee and Yemi Alade are on to something with "Come And See My Moda", as they are saying basically the same thing as Beyoncé, in that '"nothing for you until you come and see my mother!". 

The video is stunning, and brings the subject matter of the song to life. The beautiful Ms Vee is going about her business in the market, when she is accosted by her love interest (played by Chris Attoh) who she refuses to give any attention until he goes to see her mother. 

As we all know, men are trash and they always need boundaries. Songs like this set those boundaries, and will definitely be worth belting out off-key with your girlfriends! 

Give it a listen right here: 

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