Watch Iyanya's Energetic New Video For 'Good Vibes'

Yesterday, Iyanya started off his 2018 by releasing a solid new single, "Good Vibes". On the feel-good track, he takes on a fresh sound — singing in patois and with a reggae tone. Now, he has released a fun and energetic music video which totally matches the song.

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The aptly-titled "Good Vibes" is short and sweet, and samples (sounds very much like) "Nuttin No Go So" by Notch, which gives it a nice nostalgic feel from the jump. The track is fit for any situation it's played in, whether it's a party, car ride or you're just jamming by yourself! 

The video sees Iyanya partying in a garden, with an excess of alcohol, flashy cars, red cups and scantily-clad women — the typical trappings of any music video. The dancing, however, is infectious and makes the song so much more enjoyable!

Get your dose of "Good Vibes" below: 

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