Watch Idris King Give Us A New Anthem With 'Squad'

If like me, Lena Dunham, Taylor Swift and white Tumblr kids have ruined #Squad and/or #SquadGoals for you, then you've definitely clicked on the right article.

I don't really know the exact moment the term shifted from being used to represent black camaraderie to referring to the whitest of friendships, but like Craig Jenkins pointed out in this brilliant article, 'squad' is unarguably "some hip-hop shit".

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"Who you know fresher than my squad?"

So, when I heard "SQUAD" being yelled out enthusiastically by Idris King at GidiFest last Saturday, I was beaming not only because I sensed a new anthem on our hands but because, for the first time in a long while, the word didn't make me cringe.

Produced by the clearly gifted Bankyondbeatz, "Squad" is the first single off Idris King's EP titled La Classe – and it's certainly one hell of an introduction.

For those of you who've never heard about Idris King before today, he is the founder of 90’s Baby and a brilliant artiste who occasionally takes advantage of his bilinguality to blend both French and English into his music – which you should totally go listen to on his SoundCloud.

Before that though, check out the video for "Squad", which was also directed by Idris, below:

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