Watch Falz Call Out Annoying Nigerians In His Hilarious New Song 'Wehdone Sir'

A week after creating the #wehdonesir trend on social media, where he called out annoying Nigerians – from the ones who travel abroad for a second and come back with an accent to pastors who sexually assault their congregation in the name of "deliverance" – the hilarious Falz finally released the song and music video for the sure-fire hit, "Wehdone Sir".

(Photo: Falz/Vevo)

(Photo: Falz/Vevo)

In the song, Falz continues to call people out shitty people like yahoo boys who call themselves entrepreneurs, onigbeses who pop bottles in the club, and men who promise different women marraige at the same time.

At the end of the day "Wehdone Sir" is really just classic Falz filled with stellar comical lines – on an average beat by Sess and a basic video by Clarence Peters – with his newly created dance (that is sure to become incredibly grating in a short time).

Watch the video for "Wehdone Sir" below:

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