Watch Efe Oraka Sing 21 Jon Bellion Songs In Less Than Two Minutes

Jon Bellion is one of those artistes that makes music so special you selfishly want to keep his genius all to yourself – yes, we are terrible, we know.

While Jon's music was a not-so-well-kept secret when we only had to hide his mixtapes from the masses, it became impossible to stop this megawatt star from shining once he released his brilliant debut album, The Human Condition.


(Photo: Jon Bellion)

Real recognize real

So, when one of Abuja's own well-kept secrets, the talented 18-year-old singer, Efe Oraka shared a video of herself singing an impressive mashup of 21 Jon Bellion songs in under two minutes – it felt like fate that the video would immediately go viral and earn nearly unanimous praise from everyone who saw it, including Jon Bellion himself.

Speaking with Culture Custodian about her admiration for Jon Bellion, Efe said:

"I feel like Jon Bellion is a true musician. There are so many great artistes right now, but not enough great musicians.

He has shown so much growth over the years. It’s so obvious that he really takes his time with what he does. He works not only hard, but purposefully."

About releasing her own music, Efe continued:

"I don’t only do covers. I have so many tracks I’ve been keeping and waiting for the right time to release. Something great is coming and I just hope everyone is ready for me."

You can follow Efe Oraka's journey on her Twitter page and her SoundCloud – because we are certain we will be hearing more from her very soon.

Till then, you should totally listen to Efe's brilliant single, "Gbe Mi", below:

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