Watch The Promising Pilot For Ndani TV's 'Lagos Big Boy'

NdaniTV is one of Nigeria's pioneer web channels. With their commitment to telling alternative Nigerian stories, it wasn't a surprise when they shared the trailer for a new show, Lagos Big Boy. The show is written and directed by the brilliant mind behind Ojukokoro (Greed)Dare Olaitan.

Lagos Big Boy is about the pursuit of stardom in Lagos, a metropolis that is as unforgiving as it is dynamic. The use of colour, film set, and camera angles make up for some of the actors’ mediocre performances.

(Photo: NdaniTV)

(Photo: NdaniTV)

(Photo: NdaniTv)

(Photo: NdaniTV)

In this episode called "Mr. Microphone", we learn that Babajide or BJ (Gbolahan 'Bollylomo' Olatunde) is an aspiring singer and the glue that keeps his friends together. Ebuka (Chuey Chu) is a hustler and Tunji (Tosan Wiltshire) is a tad naive. While the secondary characters are all a bit one-dimensional right now, we hope to see a lot more character development as the show progresses.

As solid as Olaitan's direction is in this episode, the true standout is the music supervisor who's responsible for our favourite scene: Idris King's "Squad" playing in the background as the trio of friends arrive at a music video shoot.

Watch the pilot here:

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