Watch 'Black Joker', Uche Aguh's Re-Imagining Of The Iconic Villain

While Jared Leto proved earlier this year that we might never get another Joker portrayal that even comes close to Heath Ledger's exceptional work, that doesn't mean actors will (or should) stop trying.

Nigerian writer, director, and actor, Uche Aguh, released the one-minute concept trailer for his project, Black Joker, and it's really no worse than Jared Leto's attempt.


(Photo: 55Media)

Uche Aguh describes Black Joker as:

“A graphic and intense re-imagination of the iconic character ‘The Joker’ from the Batman.”

Unlike a regular trailer, a concept trailer means this is not an upcoming project you should actually expect a full film for. Although, you never know, anything could happen if this goes viral – just think, the concept trailer for 2014's Dear White People.

Watch Black Joker below:

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