Vic Mensa Thinks He'd Be Perfect For A Prince Biopic

Hip-hop phenom Vic Mensa has been a favourite amongst new-age rap enthusiasts seeking out socially-driven lyricism and positive change. Aside from being beloved for his big personality and knack for knowledge on screen and in the media, he's even more intriguing because of his confidence where we'd least expect it. 

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In a recent interview with Montreality, Mensa explains why he'd love to play Prince in a film biopic and exactly why he'd hit it out of the park.

"I think I should play Prince in a biopic. Prince he's one of my biggest idols of all-time. He's the real King Of Pop. Some people would be mad that I said that, but, it is what it is. 

I think the reason why I would be able to kill the role as Prince is because I've got that mouthpiece. And Prince was just butter smooth with it and I feel like I could do it."

Vic even test drove this theory earlier this year when he dressed up as Prince for Halloween. Fully Purple Rained out, the 24-year-old emcee looks more like the icon than we even realized. But, maybe leaving the legacy left behind by the artist is enough. 

Last year, TMZ approached Miguel asking whether he'd consider playing the icon in a film biopic. The R&B artist, however, declined, explaining "Prince played Prince in a biopic... It doesn't get any better than that."

While we really did love that Tupac biopic – that took years to finally create – and we truthfully love the idea of freakin' Vic Mensa starring in a Prince biopic, maybe Miguel is on to something, and a legacy of a beloved entertainer is best left alone. 

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