The Trailer For Season 4 Of 'BoJack Horseman' Has Landed

BoJack Horseman is a little jewel of an animated series that doesn’t quite fit any genre. For its fourth season, the satirical /melancholic / romantic / comedy goes as far as releasing a trailer from which the main character is nowhere to be seen. What’s up with BoJack?!

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Diane is obviously overwhelmed by her new career as a blogger and, good news, is still with Mr Peanutbutter, who got into his head the idea of becoming the next governor. He claims with enthusiasm that he’s "specifically on the side of the facts... and also on the side of feelings" (take that, Donald Trump).

You’ll also be happy to hear that Princess Carolyn seems to have found happiness and stability with a mouse. Todd, meanwhile, is just as crazy as ever, and it suits him perfectly.

A new character will be starting in season 4: a mare who’s been told ever since she was a baby that she was the spitting image of BoJack Horseman (to which Todd replies “That's a horrible thing to say to a baby!"). Is she a twin sister, a long lost daughter, a clone? We don’t know. Of our equine hero, however, not a trace.

Season 4 of BoJack Horseman will air on Netflix from September 8.

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