The AMVCA-Winning Film 'Slow Country' Finally Gets A Release Date

Last month, we were all expecting Ramsey Nouah to walk away with the AMVCA for 'Best Actor in a Drama' for his brilliant performance in Izu Ojukwu's '76. In the biggest upset of the night: a totally different name was called, Sambasa Nzeribe, and it was for a movie none of us had seen, Slow Country.

Now we all finally get to see the performance that beat out everyone's expected frontrunner as Eric Aghimien‘s Slow Country is set to be released in cinemas nationwide on May 5.


Slow Country (Photo: Hills TV)

Set in Nigeria, Slow Country follows Kome (AMVCA-nominee Ivie Okujaiye-Egboh), a homeless teenage mother, who gets herself trapped in prostitution and drug trafficking for seven years in order to secure a good life for her son.

When she finally decides to quit, her boss Tuvi (Sambasa Nzeribe), a ruthless human and drug trafficker is not ready to let go of his most trusted cash cow.

Speaking about the movie, the director, Aghimien, said:

"Crafting a great action film in Nigeria is no child’s play. Every character in the movie was carefully built and the each of the cast member portrayed their characters well.

This movie is a must watch for all and I promise it will not only be worth your time but also your money."

Check out the trailer below:

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TV taught me how to feel.