Sola Sobowale, Odunlade Adekola & Toyin Abraham Join The Cast Of 'Wives On Strike'

Last year saw the release of Wives On Strike, a satirical drama produced by Omoni Oboli which was made with the aim to pass social commentary on the #ChildNotBride campaign going on in Nigeria at the time.

In this movie a band of market woman team up to fight the marriage of their friend's daughter to a rich Alhaji. In an attempt to get their husbands to intervene, they followed Lysistrata's suit and started a strike which eventually became a nationwide protest against the child bride. 

The media are instrumental in the process of gaining public consent - media texts never simply mirror or reflect reality, but also kind of dictate what should be accepted as reality. The representations that the media put forward have an impact on the way people consciously or unconsciously view themselves and the world around them, therefore it is very important to champion important causes such as this.

Omoni Oboli did a great job with the first one, and it is no surprise that there is a second underway. Titled Wives On Strike: The Revolution the sequel has all the original cast with an addition of Nollywood titans Odunlade Adekola, Toyin Abraham, Chigul and Sola Sobowale.

Part 1 was already funny, and given the calibre of these additional artists, the sequel is about to be an even funnier movie! Our guess is that Odunlade and Toyin are in an abusive relationship, Sola Sobowale is Toyin's mother who is having none of it, and Chigul is – err we'll get back to you on her lol.

It's great that Nollywood is able to pass pertinent social commentary and still entertain us, and we are definitely looking forward to seeing this film. There is no trailer in sight yet, but a release date of December 29 has been hinted. Either way, we'll be first in line at the cinema! 

(Photo: The Nollywood Story)

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