A Series About The Extraordinary Life Of Malcolm X Is In The Works

In following the recent trend of turning biopics into series, such as National Geographic's Genius and Ryan Murphy's American Crime Story, a new show celebrating Malcolm X – one of the most important black Americans in the history of the United States – is in the works.

The show will be based on Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention (2014), a Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Manning Marable, considered to be the definitive biography on the life of the legendary civil rights activist. 

As a pop culture icon and revolutionary, in addition to being a subject of controversy to white people (he believed in armed self-defense, converted to Islam, and became a preacher), Malcolm K. Little's path is largely unknown to the wider public. 

Often reduced by racists to being called an "angry version" of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X lived many lives before being assassinated on February 21, 1965. His extraordinary life story and ideology are well worth being explored in a series.

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The show is being written by David Matthews (Boardwalk Empire, Tyrant) who will also be executive producing alongside Tom Forman, Andrew Marcus and Ray Ricord of Critical Content studios.

To ensure the historical accuracy of the series, Matthews is bringing on anthropologist Leith Mullings and Michael Tyner as consultants. For the moment, the show hasn't been picked up by a network, and the cast remains unknown.

This is not the first time the life of Malcolm X has been adapted for the screen. He has been portrayed by a variety of actors including Nigel Thatch, Denzel Washington, James Earl Jones, Mario Van Peebles and Morgan Freeman.

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